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Review: Down the Line – All About Jazz

One of the great things about jazz is that there’s always room for persuasive new voices, especially those who’ve mastered the vocabulary and know how to swing. Saxophonist David Sills, now in his mid-thirties, qualifies easily on both counts, as he shows consistently on Down the Line, evidently his second album as a leader of his own group, although Sills has recorded with a number of other first-rank musicians.

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Review: Hangin' Five – Scott Yanow

David Sills: Hangin’ Five By Scott Yanow   David Sills is a cool-toned Los Angeles-based tenor saxophonist (26 at the time of this recording debut) whose sound recalls Warne Marsh a bit, although he names Stan Getz and Joe Henderson as his main influences. Despite his youth, Sills has a relaxed style and creates solos…

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Review: Journey Together – All About Jazz

David Sills: Journey Together By C. Michael Bailey Published: February 1, 1999 A Melting Pot of Styles. In the liner notes to his debut, David Sills states, “I want my playing to be representative of earlier styles, say the ’50s and ’60s and taking it from there into my own direction, make it reflective of…

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