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Natural Lines

Natural Lines (2019)
David Sills


1. Minor Monk (Mike Scott) 5:29
2. Sync Or Swim (Larry Koonse) 6:08
3. Sonny's Side (David Sills) 6:07
4. Quiet Is The Star (Alan Broadbent) 6:50
5. Lover Man (Jimmy Davis, Roger Ramirez, and James Sherman) 9:15
6. Foggy Daze (David Sills) 5:34
7. Mellow Stone (David Sills) 5:24
8. Nardis (Miles Davis) 7:41
9. Jones' Tones (David Sills) 7:19
10. All The Little Things (David Sills, Larry Koonse, and Mike Scott) 2:42
11. Outside Corner (David Sills) 4:06
12. Interplay (Bill Evans) 6:14
Produced by David Sills


David Sills - Tenor Saxophone, Alto Flute
Mike Scott - Guitar
Larry Koonse - Guitar
Blake White - Bass
Tim Pleasant - Drums

My heartfelt thanks to the musicians on this project.  Mike, Blake and Tim have been my core ensemble for the last several years.  Their focus, integrity and honesty in the pursuit of their craft along with their dedication to the art of jazz is evident on this recording.  I’ve long been a fan and admirer of Larry Koonse and have been very fortunate to have had him as a mentor and musical consort through the years.  Larry can be heard on many of my previous recordings and I am so grateful to have him bring his amazing talent to this one.  The ensemble for many of my previous recordings often consisted of Saxophone, guitar, piano, bass and drums.  In recent years, most of my performances have taken place in venues in which no piano was available, so to fill the role of the missing piano, I began adding a second guitar. This instrumentation seemed to open up many musical possibilities and allowed for an interesting mix of sonic colors.  Thus, the idea for this recording featuring a “Double Guitar Quintet” was born.  I hope that in listening to this album, the listener will experience some of the same pleasures I’ve gotten from performing with this unique ensemble.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Tavenner at Big City Recording Studios,
Granada Hills CA on July 8 and 9, 2019
Photos and video by Dario Griffin
Design by James F. Dean
Artistic consultant: Scott Eilers